The Pop Up Art Book is a collaborative art book that brings together some of the most creative minds from street art, comic books, illustration, fine art and other mediums.

This colorful, intricately crafted book features multi-dimensional spreads from six internationally renowned artists who are each recognized for their unique work: Angry Woebots, Jim Mahfood, Junko Mizuno, kozyndan, Skinner and Tara McPherson.

After creating Pop Up Funk with Jim Mahfood in 2013, we reached out to other artists asking them to participate in a new project with the same simple concept; making pop up versions of their artwork.

Original Art Used For The Book

Pop Up Versions of Artwork

The Pop Up Art Book will be available in 3 editions:

The Normal Edition will feature one pop up page from each of the six artists featured in the book. A run of the normal edition of The Pop Up Art Book will be mass produced at a pop up factory overseas, with an estimated delivery date of Spring 2015.

The Artist Edition books will feature each artist’s special second page and inner book leaf with artist signature, only available in the 10 Artist Editions. Artist Edition books will contain the six pages from the normal edition book, be 100% handmade in the USA, and feature a special die cut cover featuring the second artist edition page artwork.

Finally, a small number of Master Edition books will also be created, featuring ALL 12 pages designed for the book. That’s both pages from all 6 artists! Master Editions will be case bound with hand a embellished cover and inner page signatures from each artist.

  • Standard Edition
    6 Pop Up Pages
    • Includes these six pop up pages:
    • Jim Mahfood's Bubble Gum Gangsters
    • kozyndan's Drowning Party
    • Junko Mizuno's Pancakes
    • Tara McPherson's The Water Nebula
    • Skinner's Morrigan Lupus
    • Angry Woebots' Masher
  • Artist Editions
    7 Pop Up Pages
    • All 6 pages from the Standard Edition
    • PLUS One Super Rare Special Artist Pop Up
    • Only 10 Available For Each Artist - 60 Total
    • Includes Artist Signature
    • 100% Handmade by Poposition Press
    • Includes Special Cover Artwork
    • Arrestox Silver Bookcloth Binding
  • Master Edition
    12 Pop Up Pages
    • All 6 Standard Edition Pages
    • ALL 6 Special Artist Edition Pages!
    • Each Set Will Be Bound As 2 Page Books!
    • All 6 Mini Books will come in A Custom Slip Case!
    • Includes Signatures From All 6 Artists!
    • Special Die Cut Cover!
    • 100% Handmade by Poposition Press!